A truly great repair shop.

I have been using Cecil's for years! Hell, maybe decades! While I've always been pleased with the service and the work performed a recent visit has shown me how great of a place this repair shop really is.  

I took my vehicle in for a check engine light that turned into a really strange problem. The day before I took it to Auto Zone to run the check engine codes to see if I could fix it myself. They gave me a report and asked if it was running poorly and I said no, he says, "I wouldn't even worry about it then."  

I should know by now that AZ people are like McDonalds workers when it comes to giving advice. They just have limited skills. You wouldn't ask Joe at McD's where the best Foie Gras in the area is now would you? Don't take advice from anyone at AZ under any circumstances beyond stick on decals, dead batteries, and car wash supplies.The next morning it started making a strange noise while driving the kids to school. You see, my car was reverse farting (see my videos, it's funny) out of the cap less gas cap. Apparently I had a vacuum solenoid relay something (that's not technically the name) that had gone out. It obviously affects the fuel system greatly. Hence the "gas" my car had, get it "gas". I'm so funny.

I drove it to Cecil's. I told him about the strange noise but not about my AZ report to see what they said. At that point I hadn't figured out the source of the noise. It wasn't doing it anymore, of course, when I got there.  He said they would check it out and call me. A hour or so later they call and tell me I have the VS thingy out as well as an O2 sensor. Here's a quote, "I could charge you $300-$400 and fix it for you but this thing is still under warranty, I would take it to the dealership and fix it free".  He couldn't get it to make the noise again either. Well I'll be damned! Someone not in it for the money! I am so impressed by this act that I will spread the word to any and everyone who will listen. You will forever be recommended Cecil's! It wasn't until after I left that it started doing it again. That was when traced to to the fuel cap. I always thought that cap was a bad design feature.  

Anyway... Thank you for being honest and good! - Adam H.

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